Blessed Are The Unlikely (Beatitudinal rant)

Some time ago I was having a bad day and reflecting on how Christians aren’t supposed to have any. πŸ™‚ OK, I exaggerate (that was only really true in the 70s and 80s). I was reflecting on a the way a certain person in my life tended to celebrate strength, progress, success, confidence and well-connectedness. And I would look at myself and bemoan the fact that I wasn’t coming up to scratch.

And then it hit me: it wasn’t a Biblical outlook to begin with. They might not be bad things, but they’re not the things Jesus talks about. What He actually calls blessed is humility, sorrow, being misunderstood, the strain of “not being there yet” … perhaps because it puts us in a place of realisation of our need for Him. And the Beatitudes are, actually, a list of things He went through Himself. Nothing on that list which applies to me, is anything I need to be embarrassed about.

So … I did what any sensible singer does when they have an epiphany: I wrote it into a song. Here it is. πŸ™‚

(C) 2006 Rebekah Robinson

I won’t be ashamed anymore
If my spirit is poor
The Kingdom of Heaven is mine
I will not regret my meekness
Or mistake it for weakness
The Earth comes to me in time

And I am blessed
I am blessed
I am blessed in the One who’s building me (2x)

I will not deny that I mourn
And sometimes feel forlorn
He comforts all my ills
And I cannot hide the thirst
And hunger to be immersed
In righteousness, that He fills

So I am blessed …..

I will show the mercy You show me
Sow and reap
Purify my heart to see You
I will be a peacemaker
Child of the Creator
Show whom I belong to

And I am blessed …

Rejoice and be glad
Rejoice and be glad
For great is Heaven’s reward
When slandrous insults rise
They persecute and despise
But I am valued by my Lord
And in good company.


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