Dear Retailer …

I would like to return this garment and every other garment on the rack.  None of these will fit me or make me look like the poster in your window.  Do you have any clothes made specifically for someone who is size 6 tall, size 8 arm length, size 10 bust and size 14 butt?  And these shoes.  They are fabulously beautiful.  But clearly not made for humans.  Do you have anything for REAL WOMEN?

Sometimes in my spiritual life I feel caught between “You make me feel like a natural woman” and the desire to be SUPERnatural.  The result can be … well, UNnatural.  The gap between “the now and the not yet” is still so large, and can look so depressing.  Even the gap between the accomplished-looking Christian, and ourselves, can get us down if we’re only looking at the surface.  I feel an urge to slap on an Eleanor Rigby-style façade of polish as a sort of church-stock ™ social security.

In the book of James, he writes that it’s wrong to treat the shiny people like they’re worth more than battlers.  In the book of 2nd Corinthians, Paul warns of the dangers of stacking ourselves up against others.  He goes on in Galatians to say that we are all one and there should be no discrimination amongst us.

So do we have anything at our “store” for real women?  Yes, we do.  We have a host of women of all ages and walks, who have been through a full spectrum of life experiences.  You will fit in.  Firstly, you will fit in because God says you do.  Secondly, you will fit in because there’s nothing new under the sun.  In our church you will find people who’ve recovered from abusive marriages.  You’ll meet successful engineers and accountants.  You’ll find people who struggle with their sexuality.  There are girls who despair of their husbands ever dragging their tired carcasses into church, girls who run businesses, girls who can’t get their living rooms free of the creeping tide of junk mail, girls aghast at childcare expenses, girls juggling work and study, girls agonising over their teenage grandchildren, girls new at Christianity and those who are old hands, girls who write books, girls who answer theological questions, girls born overseas, and girls who wake up in the morning with panda eyes and haystacks on their heads.  Little of this is apparent at a glance on a coiffed Sunday morning, but it’s there under the surface.  Come join us.  We’re all on a journey and you’ll fit right in.


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