Easy With The Yanking

Pluck Up Some Courage

Well, ladies, today I want to talk about a topic close to every woman’s heart: muggleygrubs!  Yes, those prickly little annoying black spikes that show up uninvited on our chins!  Eeeuw, I hear you say.  Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get them – your task is to be sympathetic to those of us who do!

When I was 15 I was told that you should never pluck these little horrors out with tweezers.  It would strengthen the follicle and they would grow back with a vengeance – better, stronger, faster than they were before!  Instead we were to visit the electrolysist and give the little beggars the Chair.  This would so discourage them that after only a few feeble attempts to rally, they would give up and go home (wherever that was).

You’ll laugh out loud, but I have been diligently trimming, not plucking, these thorns-in-the-flesh for years now, waiting for the day when I will again summon the cash and courage (and Yellow Pages) to see an electrolysist.  For years!  And recently I realised that all this time I could have been uprooting the problem instead of deferring it.  It’s out with the tweezers now, girls.  The day in the salon, with my schedule, may never come.  I’ve wasted too much time waiting and trying to merely minimise the problem instead of dealing with it.

Sound familiar?  Oh yeah.  Ever put off patching things up with a friend, only to find that time hasn’t healed, it’s merely festered?  Ever let a lie weave into a web of lies?  Refused to forgive someone because they didn’t couch their apology (if any) in words that appealed to you?

How about in our spiritual lives?  How many times do we wait for the exactly-phrased, tailored altar call to go forward for prayer?  Do we wait until Benny Hinn’s in town before we ask God, who is always with us, for healing?  Do we put off “bothering God with the minutiae” and repenting of the small stuff until it reaches a great pile like the sins of the Amorites?  For Heaven’s sake – deal with it in seconds in your seat if you have to!  It makes better sense to keep short accounts with God.  The Bible says “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  (1 John 1:9).  It doesn’t say it has to be a “noticeable” sin.  Just as He cares for the smallnesses in our lives, He forgives sins small as well as great.  So take that step today.  I’m not going to let things in my heart pile up again.  Not by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.


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