White like a winter

White like a bone

White like a feather

You glare at me

Dare at me

White like a shark’s tooth

White like a corpse

White like a maggot

You threaten me

Get to me

Breathing down my neck

Aren’t you tired

Of tormenting me yet?

Give me reprieve, White One!

Ghosting through my hair

Leaving shivers

From the things I can’t forget

Live we to breathe, White One?

Black like a cave mouth

Black like a coal

Black like a cinder

You sit with me

You’re knit with me

Black like a crow’s wing

Black like a mould

Black like a deep well

You swallow me

Wallow me

Smoking me in dark

Aren’t you tired

Of smothering me now?

Give me reprieve, Black One!

Soot along my spine

Damp and dreary

Weights me to a bow

Live we to leave, Black One?

(c) 2012 Rebekah Robinson

(Disclaimer: this is about grief, not race, in case anyone was wondering!)


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