It’s A Kind Of … Magic?

Chased a rabbit trail from Jeremiah through to Daniel. (Keep wondering if Daniel, Ezekiel & Jeremiah ever met each other.)

It’s curious to me that Daniel & co were forcibly trained to be Magi (astrologers). And then a few centuries later, we get Magi – people whose profession is proscribed strongly in the Old Testament Law – out seeking the baby Messiah! Did God use their dark arts to call them? He is very economical that way: He asks us not to sin, but knows we will: and redeems skerricks of opportunity even from that!

Were the “Wise Men” true Zoroastrians, or a relic of some sort of Jewish-influenced branch where God had carefully planted the seeds during the Exile? Was Daniel’s captivity then a strategic placement?

Brownie points if you see the double link between the title and the subject 🙂


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