Offering Time

I got asked to give the “offering message” this particular week, and several people liked it, so I’ve blogged it. 🙂

When our finances are up and down, the first thing I think is, “HellO, Lord,what are You DOING?” Which, at its rudest is, “Have You dropped the ball?” but at its most plaintive is, “Do You still love me?”….

I’m embarrassed that I still ask this question, after all these years.

Dotted through my life are hundreds of small miracles, and a few big ones as well. The most recent was a couple of weeks ago when I was notified that my Diploma of Youth Work course was now going to be paid for – backpaid, even – by the Australian Apprenticeships Centre. If that’s not confirmation, if that’s not provision …!

Non sequitur, but stay with me. I was driving home the other night, thinking about house fires (as you do!) and if I would have the courage to run into a burning building to save my children. Every time they’d look at me after that, they’d see the scars, they’d see written on my body how much I love them, what they are worth to me. And that’s why it’s so ridiculous to ask God if He still loves me …what more should He have to do? how could He possibly forget me? I am engraved on the palms of His hands. And every time I look at Him, I can see plainly written there that He loves me. Whatever life brings, He loves me.

So whether you give because

– you believe in the principle of tithing
– you’re into sowing and reaping
– you know God will always reward faith
– you’ve caught the vision of what He’s building here…

… give because you love Him. Because He first loved you. Because He’s beautiful. And for what He’s sown into us, according to His own law of sowing and reaping, He should also get to reap.

When we give, it’s not an onerous duty, it’s a pleasure. Because we’re grateful for what He’s done for us, and keeps doing for us! Beyond any obligation, He continues to prove His love. Why wouldn’t I want to give to a God like that? Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.


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