Strange Fruit

With reports daily of atrocities committed in the Middle East – and our own ancestors not so shiny either – I can understand why some people believe religion is a terrible thing.

In fact, the paranoia out there about fanatical Islam rivals our Cold War terror. Remember when Communism was the boogeyman? I can’t help wondering if there really is a conspiracy out there, picking out the villain-du-jour every decade or so, and priming the pump. If it were a specifically anti-Christian conspiracy, it need only create waves related to Those Fanatics With A Belief System, and a rash of draconian laws could follow. This is one of the reasons I am cautious about imposing sanctions on Muslims or any other ideological group: their freedom is my freedom.

Jesus Christ said, “By their fruits you will know them,” and “Everyone will know you’re My disciples if you love each other.” If you want to see the hallmark of someone’s life, or group, look for the spirit in which that life is played out.

Speaking for myself, I’m having a very hard time with “love your enemies”. Yet that is what I’m called to do. I don’t know if it’s humanly possible … so I’m glad God lives in me, because otherwise I wouldn’t have a hope.

Whatever we believe as individuals, let us all proceed in love, and let that bear fruit that remains.


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