This is one from 2008, so please don’t get the idea that I live permanently in the doldrums 🙂 Someone said once, that one of the jobs of a songwriter is to speak out the feelings of those who are less articulate, to give voice to them. So in the spirit of “surely I’m not the only one who’s felt like this”, here’s another. I’m coming to the end of my angst, really I am …

(C) 2008 Rebekah Robinson

The cage where I live has no visible bars
You can feel its confines when you look at my scars
And the vista that beckons is open and large
And I’m angry

In between gossip and therapy, there’s a line
That I never have found and I never may find
And the view of my insides is very unkind
And I’m thirsty

So talk … talk … talk it all out
Speak the truth with the love never in doubt
Hold the hot coal of my heart
Even if it’s wrong
Hear me now

You honestly want to be honestly true
But experience prevents me from trusting in you
When you say we can speak any language but blue
I’m defenseless

So talk ….

And we’ve come a long way, and a long way to go
And we’re baking in desert and trudging through snow
To the place where our faults are not all that we know
And we’re sorry

So talk …

So talk …


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