The Gospel According To Pokemon

Blame my pastor in 1983, who preached a message called “The Gospel According to E.T.” No, blame my profession. School chaplains are always looking for ways to explain God to small children, in the hope that they will actually ask …

The Gospel According to Pokemon goes like this:

* The Trainer appreciates every Pokemon for its uniqueness and special abilities.
* The Trainer is rather smarter than the Pokemon.
* The Trainer has a master plan regarding which of his Pokemon will best work where.
* The Trainer wants to catch them all.
* The Trainer wants to train them all.
* The Trainer passionately wants to see them evolve into all their buried potential.
* The Trainer keeps a log of all the Pokemon in his collection.
* The Trainer takes care of his Pokemon.
* The Trainer works hard to keep stray Pokemon out of bondage to nefarious people.
* The Trainer can operate independently, but likes to work with his Pokemon as a team.
* Only when a Pokemon is under the guidance of the Trainer, is it an effective weapon against evil.

Well, no analogy is perfect, but this one was kinda fun as far as it went.
Permit me to finish with two of the lamest jokes in history.

* How do you get a Pokemon to choose gum at the store? Pikachu.
* How do you get Pikachu to board a train? Pokemon.


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