Through The Looking Glass

“God can’t use me while I’m …” … what? Angry? Unforgiving? Uncertain? Flawed? Lazy? Young?

I think sometimes we underestimate God because we are in such a hurry to not-overestimate ourselves.  If the only people on Earth that God could use were perfect people … that doesn’t leave a lot for Him to work with!  So I might struggle in 10 areas – but yet I might have victory in 10 others.  Are any of us “finished”?  God has a track record of doing amazing things with half-finished characters. 

Note, I’m not saying we should drop all idea of partnering with Him while He shapes us.  My sister-in-law is a ceramicist.  She tells me each piece she makes goes through at least nine processes.  Who knows how many our Potter has planned for us?  We might be 80% done … or 10% done.  There’s no room for either hubris or despair, because we simply can’t guess at it, and it’s a waste of time trying.

What does Heaven see?  If they can bear to look down on this dark world at all, I wonder what their perspective shows.  The things we think are small – offering a smile to a timid child, choosing not to keep the excess change, getting up off our rear end to make our flatmate a cup of coffee – maybe these things are huge steps forward for some of us.  It only takes 1 degree to change a ship’s course irrevocably, and you never know which of your actions might precipitate a tangent in someone’s life – or your own.  What makes Heaven cheer?  Every so often, you might hear a faint echo, like a faraway plucked string.

So how many issues do I feel the need to conquer, before I feel good enough to step out for God to use?  Wasn’t the whole point of coming to Him, the fact that I could never begood enough on my own?  So she who comes to God must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him.  I’m relieved to say, I see no mention of “must be at or over the 98.3% mark”.  He is all the good I need.  If I am just a tiny match alight, I am standing in the camouflage of the raging sun.  Big match, small match, none of us can compete with His holiness!  And the degrees of progressive sanctification between us are insignificant on that scale.  Yet He is on the journey with us, and He never gives up.  Love always protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres.  He never fails.


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