~For my husband, on our 20th  wedding anniversary~

You don’t like the limelight, so I know that tonight

You’ll be smiling through your teeth, though you’re also proud of me

Waiting for the moment we can find a cogent

Reason to get out of here, slip into something more bare

Twenty orbits

Plenty more where they come from

I have woven my way across many a freeway

Lesser men might cut and run, but you take the fears with the fun

Holding my balloon string when the tempest took wing

Anchoring me to my Rock, calmly taking time and stock

Twenty orbits

Blending your wits and mine

Gently we morph it

Meant to be more than passing time

I am so much more for living in your love

Than who I was before I knew your touch

You are ocean breeze and forest pool

Exotic nights and rock ‘n’ roll

Fathomless eyes and hot coffee

Twenty orbits

You sent me forward ’round the sun

Twenty orbits

The best is surely to come.

(c) Rebekah Robinson 2014


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