What You Know, Who You Know

If something you “quietly know” finally doesn’t happen … does it mean you have to call into question everything else you “quietly know”?

If I get to the end of my life, and I have not become a world-famous singer/songwriter influencing thousands of people, what will God and I say to each other?

God, twinkling: “Did you have fun trying?”

Me, shy: “Oh, yes.”

God: “Did you bless a lot of people along the way?”

Me: “’Twould seem so.”

God: “Do you think you and I became closer because of all the songs you wrote Me, and all the people you looked inside?”

Me: “Oh, definitely.”

God: “And did you enjoy going through life noticing all the cool little things, and being thankful for basically everything, and seeing the magic I put underneath the universe?”

Me: “Well, that goes without saying!”

God: “And I really enjoyed hearing you sing, hearing you put your heart on paper and then on strings and mallets.  I was going, ‘That’s My girl!’”

Me: “Lord … why did You have me shoot for such an impossible, improbable, shockingly ambitious dream, if it was never going to come to fruition?”

God: “Who says it never came to fruition?”

Me: “Well … the music-buying public.”

God: “Beck … fruit isn’t always what you think it is.  Look at your life.  You never earned more than $25Kpa, yet your life was a success because you were happy, loved, loving, provided for, and you had a sense of purpose in participating in something bigger than yourself.  Your grand dream was the same.  It was full of happiness, love, compassion, beauty, obedience to Me, and something bigger than yourself.  I had you named Rebekah, not to bebound – except to Me – but because I sent you to bind up the brokenhearted.  That’s not as easy en masse as it is one-on-one, and it doesn’t always require accompaniment.  And …”

Me: “And, what …?”

God: “Sometimes you achieve more with an unfulfilled dream, than you do with a fulfilled dream.  And that was the purpose in it.”

Having said all that … I quietly know.


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